please dont be ashamed of stretch marks it is proof you are growing it doesnt mean you are fat it means youre growing into a pretty flower you are special and cute 

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i want people to know i’m struggling but i don’t want people to know i’m struggling do you see my problem

Sounds like a struggle

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Blue skies and blue wrists

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i’m the feeling you get in your chest when the car flips over & you wake up & there’s not enough blood on your fingers 


this hit me like a load of fucking bricks.

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"If you marry me you need to know I might stay up till 3am because my thoughts will wander through my mind. I might be in bed with opened eyes and a drum beating within my chest. There might be nights my heart bangs so loudly you wouldn’t be able to sleep.

If you marry me you need to know there are going to be mornings I am going to wake up with a bruise mind and purple thoughts. My lips would be sealed together and words wouldn’t exit my mouth. There are going to be days when my quietness can scare you.

If you marry me you need to know there are going to be days when my soul changes colors, and you wouldn’t recognize me because the one you met is lost in darkness.

If you marry me you need to know there are going to be days my words will shake and my lungs will break. There will be days you’ll become my time capsule and I might fill your mind with all my thoughts and you might feel like there’s a bomb ticking inside your head.

If you marry me you need to know there are going to be days I am going to love too much, and the thing is I am so so so scared because if you marry me I don’t want our love to drown in the seven seas, I don’t want to construct a family and have the builders destroy it. I don’t want to watch the kids suffer and feel emptiness obstruct them from happiness.. because that’s what happened to me."
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here’s a dating tip
if your partner suffers social anxiety or is an introvert, do not force them to go out on a date or hang out with you. more than likely, being alone relaxes their anxiety and recharges their energy. so respect that. and don’t bug them about it or take it personally. you’ll make their anxiety worse or just end up making them feel guilty as shit.
this goes for friends too. don’t do that to your friends.

Someone finally said it

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The thing that sucks about mental illness is that if you aren’t depressed enough, suicidal enough, bad enough, nobody cares. Nobody cares until you reach their standard, and that standard is when your problem is bad enough to effect them

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Anonymous: remember when you had an eating disorder you used to be so skinny and pretty you're definitely fattening up 


I’m sure you sent me this message expecting an enraged response & while I don’t have one for you I do want to say on behalf of all my followers & especially the ones who have Eating disorders that this is a worthless & sad sentiment & I hate to know so but you’re less beautiful for it & if my bones were made of paper they’d break but I’m steel on the inside & my heart is colder than you’ve been in your life but I still hope that one day you are able to manifest your boredom & anger with yourself into something better than an attempt to make someone else feel something - especially bad - because the moon will fall out of the sky before anybody hurts my feelings
& I promise you that